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Don't step in the...

A congressman from the west was on a campaign appearance at an Indian reservation. The chief invited him to speak to the tribe. He introduced himself and told them that he had always been a champion for Indian rights. The Indians responded with a loud "Hoya!" This emboldened him, and he responded by telling them he would go back to Washington and introduce new legislation that would make their lives better. This time he was greeted with a more enthusiastic "Hoya!!" Almost moved to tears, he ended by saying that he would be a lifelong proponent of their rights, he would always think of them and would spend the rest of his life fighting for the Indian people as a whole. The whole tribe responded with a roar of "HOYA!!" As he finished, the chief asked him if he would like to see their cattle herd. The congressman said, Yes, I certainly would." The chief said," Follow me. Just be careful not to step in any hoya."
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Re: Don't step in the...

Good one Lowell.

Guess I stepped in Hoya. See


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