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Name: steve
Southern, Michigan usa
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Find Your Own Morels

My Aunt and Uncle both getting on in age can't walk like they used too so they hunt easy walking places and some by road.Whats with other morel hunters that see them picking twice this week and stop and come right into their area.People have some morals yourself and find your own or come back when their done.I know its state ground but is this what a lot of people think is right?I know morels are valuable but come on people have some respect for others.
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Name: jon
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Re: Find Your Own Morels

Improper morel etiquette. I'd run them off like a bear. So many inconsiderate peeps. Ugh
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Name: steve
Southern, Michigan usa
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Re: Find Your Own Morels

I know my Uncle was too nice but I won't be.The woods is getting so full of people and some are just plain rude.Think they own the woods and morels.I still can get back in a ways so thats where I head right away so I can't be followed.
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Name: Dave
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Re: Find Your Own Morels

I think it's rude for the young and able-bodied to gank a spot from the elderly!
Lord knows that will be me soon enough!

That said, I always travel a good ways into the woods before looking because:
1. This leaves the easy to access places for folks with less mobility.
2. I won't get frustrated because somebody else already checked there.
3. Most people are either too lazy or lack mobility or are afraid to get lost, so they don't go that far in.
4. You sometimes find a place that nobody else knows about and *bingo*!

Just a few...

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