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Lansing Area?

Hello all! Does anybody know about any morels being found in the Lansing area? Or am I too early? I was at Houghton Lake yesterday and found a couple blacks that were just under an inch so I'm assuming they're up down here Thanks in advance!!
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Name: name
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Re: Lansing Area?

Well I answered my own question just got done in one of my secret spots and found 7-8 grays next to a dead elm that didn't produce any last year Unfortunately they were all less than 1 inch tall. i'm going to go back out next Sunday and if we get rain and some more warm days they should be ready to go!!
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Crazy Dave
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Name: Dave
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Re: Lansing Area?

Nice find that far North, Here in the SW corner it seems the consensus is they are only on southern hillsides with plenty of sun thus far. IMO, it is early but they are definitely out there. If you scout out dying elms on S-SW hills that look greener than elsewhere in the woods, that would be best. It is on, but early, search accordingly.
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Name: Wesley
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Re: Lansing Area?

I got really luck and found 70 grays just west of Lansing on Saturday. They were in an area that gets nice morning sun, but not much in the afternoon. I haven't looked in too many spots, but I can't seem to find them in my neck of the woods yet (Grand Haven area)
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