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Name: Jeff
Southern, Michigan USA
Benton Harbor
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Some Tips For Morel Hunting in MI.

Here is something I found online from "Pure Michigan's" facebook page.
This is a blog by SW MI photographer, Joshua Nowicki.

Josh is known around SW MI for his photography, and his photos appear in many brochures, ads, and billboards around MI.

Jeff O.
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Name: Rob
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Smile Re: Some Tips For Morel Hunting in MI.

Some of the best tips i can give are.....
1. Good shoes (that you don't mind getting wet and/or dirty), layers of clothing
including a rain jacket you can remove and/or attach to yourself as weather
changes. Getting overheated or cold is not good. Neither is getting caught in a
rain storm, which we all know is common in the Michigan springtime.
2. A good walking stick for turning over leaves and sticks. there are plenty of dead
branches laying against trees. You don't need to cut a live branch off a tree or
worse cut an entire small tree down to make a stick. You can also use a ski pole
or purchased hiking stick and remove the bottom and screw in a blunt tip.
3. Pack a good lunch, snacks and water/soda(pop).
4. Clean up after yourself - don't leave YOUR trash on the woods!
I'm not your mother.
5. Don't go in the woods without a compass, whistle, matches, snack and your
phone. You never know when you might get turned around or lost. Wnen you
leave your vehicle make sure everyone knows which direction N/S/E/W that
you head so you know to return in the opposite direction. Sounds silly but I've
seen even the most skilled people get turned around and yell for help so don't
try to be proud and ignore this suggestion. If you are walking separately from
others in your group pick a time when you plan to meet back up so if that
time has elapsed your group can begin to try contacting you in the event you are
6. Bring a potato or onion bag (something with holes) so any mushrooms you find
release their spores to the forest to produce more future mushrooms.
7. If you are new to mushrooming you may want to look at some other posts on
this site to make sure you know the difference between edible and poisonous
8. Gently cut down center and rinse then soak in a pan to remove as much debris
and sand/dirt from them as you can. ( I actually use a salad spinner to remove
all water after this step. This helps when storing and also cooking.)
9. If you don't find any, try new locations but remember to be considerate of
private property. Always ask for permission before walking across someones
property even if you are not actually searching their property. There is plenty of
public land to search in. Good luck and remember to have fun and enjoy the fact
you are outside in God's garden. Finding mushrooms is just a bonus! Stop and
take a look around once in a while. its not just beautiful it may help you find
your way back to your car. BTW when parking make sure you are off the road
and not blocking someones driveway or blocking a trail.

*****This may all seem like common sense but to people new to this it ******
will make their experience better and may save their life.
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Name: Doreen
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Jackson and Lansing
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Re: Some Tips For Morel Hunting in MI.

This is how I dress to go shrooming.

Leggins covered by thick jeans.

Thin socks covered by wool socks covered by tall rubber boots.

Turtle neck covered by shirt with pockets covered by awesome Cabela's bug coat and occasional orange hunting vest.

Hat and bug netting for my face.

Everything is soaked in permethrin to kill ticks before I go.
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