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Name: Stan
Central, Missouri USA
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I was reading a great little book by Tommy Thompson called Morels a Lifetime Pursuit. It was published by the Missouri Mycological Society in 1994.

I found his observations of sunshine and morels interesting so I thought I would share an excerpt and get your opinions.

"Sunshine is important in determining the size and color of the morel. A tree located on top of a ridge with both north and south slopes, will produce small grays on the north slope, white on top of the ridge and large yellow ones on the south slope if discovered early. If found later, the south slope morel will be deteriorated, the ones on top of the ridge will be large and yellow, and the gray morel on the north slope will have grown considerably in size and numbers, but usually remain gray."
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Ohio Transplant
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Name: Rex
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I have that book Stan. It's an awesome read from a man that hunted morels right when dutch elm disease was at its height. He sure made some terrific hauls.
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