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Name: Lowell
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Ground vegetation is a big factor. How long have the elms been dead? I can't find mushrooms around dead elm with the bark completely off.
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Name: Dave
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My theory is that grey / white / yellow are all the same species, and the pigmentation is controlled by either soil temperature when they fruit or soil composition or exposure to light. there is a tendency for them to turn more golden/yellow as they grow up, but I've seen grey ones that are 8 inches high...


Just a few...

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Name: Ed
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How wet is the woods?

I have not had luck with morels (or many mushrooms for that matter) on land that spends some time under water during the season.

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Name: Mike
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Originally posted by shroomer69
I agree that they are one in the same. But then again I don't really care one way or the other. They are all tasty! IMHNO!
what shroomer69 said who cares as long as they are Morels
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