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Name: Mike
Southern, Michigan USA
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Garden control for 4 legged pests,

Folks have you ever had problems with woodchucks,squirrels, gophers, raccoons, etc raiding your garden at night? You can't stay awake all night waiting to shoo them away or shoot at to drive them off, a simple solution is to find out what their favorite munchie in your garden is, now simply pick the damaged vegetable or a perfectly ripe one. Now go to the store and buy one of those cheapo meat injectors for 3 dollars, go to your garage or shed, and fill the injector with antifreeze, pump the bait vegetable full of the antifreeze, and set it out for the little s.o.b to find and let em dine on that, gets rid of everytime,mike
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Happy Trails
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Name: George
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Garden control for 4 legged pests,


Your solution (no pun intended) makes perfect sense as animals are attracted to antifreeze and it is lethal to them. I would however make sure your pets and the neighbors pets are protected somehow from the vegetables used to eradicate the garden pests. Thanks again for the suggestion.


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Name: Mike
Southern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Feb 8, 2003
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Re: Garden control for 4 legged pests,

Jon, I hope no one is offended by this post, as poisoning animals is a touchy subject with alot of folks, but I bet if they sat back and thought about all of the wasp nests they zapped with 20 foot spray cans of wasp poison, or the decon they sprinkled around the house to keep the field mice under control from entering their dwellings during the winter is the same principal, you are poisoning other life forms, so no difference than what I do.
I have a garden that is 80 ft in depth by 120 ft in length, I grow vegetables to freeze and can for the cold months, not only for cost, but for the food purity myself, I know what is in my food, as I am the person who preserved it.
My gardening starts in late March, planting seeds and keeping them warm enough to germinate properly, now in early April planting season begins, that means plowing, fertilizing and rototilling, alot of work.
Then comes May and June, more planting and more rototilling, now the weeding and the watering begins.
Now the harvest season begins, so lets see, I spend about 40 to 50 hours a week at my day job, another 30 or so hours a week in the garden to see everything beginning to ripen is a great feeling, but to come back out the next day and find 10 to 15 squashs or 3 watermelons or pumpkins,or tomatoes just ripped to pieces for their seeds, the flesh of the plant which I eat, is left to rot, I will react to it, and I know I have alot of fellow gardeners here who do the same as I do, grow food for its quality to feed to their family, and I will be dammed before I let some freeloading, lazy animal make a salad bar out of my garden and food.
And George thanks for pointing that fact out to me, to make sure is safe practice to keep it out reach of family pets,mike
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Name: Frank
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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Re: Garden control for 4 legged pests,

Not all people who have opposing thoughts, are closed minded.
Nor do they all Boo-hoo.
Sometimes they/us are just under-informed, and so hold their beliefs, in error of true facts.

We will never be able to educate/inform people if we always toss out labels upon them such as closed minded, tree huggers, bleeding hearts and etc.
Yes we are all guilty of this. Me too, I'm ashamed to admit, but I do sometimes. Heck, we all do it, at one time or another.

But... if we take the time to explain in non-confrontational tones, such as miker and George (Happy Trails) just did in the above post, then we inform and educate, rather than stir their anger and force them further into closed mindset or argument.

Case in point:
A few years ago during another presidential election, I created a Political forum, thinking it would be great to have an exchange of ideas. A place to explain why we feel or support this or that.
It turned into a flame thrower forum!

It stiffened everybodys necks, and made them more resistant to listening, even if that poster really had information. And it made them very defensive also. (aka, attacking and flaming back)

That forum was a disaster!
I was really looking forward to someone convincing/educating me on certain issues. I have in the past been enlightened, and changed my mindset when presented with a proper argument. I'd still make up my own mind, but it would've been a much more informed mind, if people had talked politely about issues, rather than negatively labeling and attacking anyone not in their camp of views.

This has been a concern of mine for some time in the forums and I'm worried for our country in general too. Without the ability to debate an idea without angst, an open mind, or without attacking the person, but attacking the argument of the idea in principles of pro/con.

Remember a rule of debate from grade/highschool?
We can't change minds without explaining a valid theory and some facts to back it up.
We'll NEVER win people over, if we alienate them from the start, with a label.
Geeze Jon. I'm sorry.
I made it look like you are the only one that has ever done this.
Not my intent buddy.
I'm sure there are a thousand other posts must worse than your small one.
It just happened to be the time that I felt like typing I guess. Now that I have read it, I think I will add a little to it later on, and make it a sticky or something, that everyone has to read.

Non-pertaining to you personally of course.


Some of the best people are found right here. - You!

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Name: Ted
Northern, Illinois usa
Homer Glen, IL
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Re: Garden control for 4 legged pests,

I say KILL THE RABBIT!! KILL THE RABBIT!!!. Last year the rabbits got very thing and I had to replant all my plants for a late start. This year I put up a wire fence around the garden. So, this year my neighbor took a picture of 5 rabbits, lined up in a row, from the fence around my garden. They where just laying there in the grass and wainting!! This year I noticed a mole hole in the yard about 100 yards from the garden. I dont have any problem picking them off with my pellet gun!!

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