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Ohio Transplant
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Name: Rex
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Shovel Throwing

Went to a local fair last week and they were having a shovel throwing contest.
1st guy steps up and after a few swings of the shovel over his head, he wings it ovewr 150 feet. The crowd gasped and the carnie asked him how he managed a throw like that.
Guy answered that he was raised on a farm and thats how we do it.
Second guy steps up and wings that blasted shovel over 200 feet. Same thing, crowd gasped and he also said that his whole family was tough because they were farmers and thats how they do it.
3rd guy steps up and hauls off and slings the shovel over 400 feet!!
The crowd went nuts and of course everyone had to know how he was so good at that.
Well, he said, we were all on welfare coming up and my daddy told me if anyone so much as offered me a shovel to throw that thing just as far as I possibly could.
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Name: Carla
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Re: Shovel Throwing

lmao good one Rex

Life is not about waiting for the storm to's about dancing in the rain...
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Name: Debbie
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Re: Shovel Throwing

lol very cute Rex! :)

Happy Morel Dreams!
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Name: Gary
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Re: Shovel Throwing

Yep,good one Rex...
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