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Name: Joel
Northern, Indiana USA
Wells County
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White Ash vs. Black Ash

Quick question: I have had great luck with morels in certain areas of northern L.P. Michigan with ash trees and poor luck in areas of northern Indiana with ash trees. I know that there are different types of ash trees (white, black, green, etc.) and I haven't identified which type are at each location. But I was just wondering if anybody here had some information as to which ash tree (if any) is the most likely to be a morel host and also if one type is more common in the 2 different regions that I mentioned above? Thanks for any information.

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Name: Dave
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: White Ash vs. Black Ash

I've noticed the same thing, Joel. Around where I live, I've never found much under ash, but up in the northwest I have. The trees also look slightly different to me as well - those in the north seem to have a slightly darker bark that makes that pattern stand out more. I think they are probably a different species, but I don't know which is which. I'm hoping that the ash borer knows the difference too, and that they leave the "up north" version alone...

Just a few...

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Name: Frank
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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Re: White Ash vs. Black Ash

It may be that you have Green Ash in your areas rather than the White Ash that is prevalent in the north.

Here is a good link to see differences between the Green and White Ash trees.

A lot of people call, or think, the White Ash is Black Ash because the White Ash's bark is so dark. Other than pine trees it's the darkest colored tree in the woods. The 'white' in it's common name refers to the wood color inside. You'll often catch me calling the White Ash a Black ash too when I'm not paying attention, because the black coloring is what we look for.

White Ash has very dark bark, very distinct diamond pattern.
Green Ash is more gray and less distinct pattern.

Hope this helps.


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Name: Jeff
Southern, Michigan USA
Benton Harbor
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Re: White Ash vs. Black Ash

I was just reading about the different ash trees in my Audubon Guide:

White Ash (Fraxinus americana)- grows in well-drained loam soils, in slopes of valleys, and with other hardwoods. Not native to the Western U.P.

Black Ash (F. nigra) - grows in swampy soils, in places with poor drainage, as well as with hardwoods and conifers. It is native to all of MI

Green Ash (F . pennsylvanica)- allulival streams, floodplain forests.
Native to all of MI.

We have Green Ash around here growing with Silver Maples along the Paw Paw River. I would imagine Black Ash grows in the Tamarack/Black Spruce Bogs of Northern MI and White Ash is the one found, say, in the hills of Manistee N.F.

Green Ash has shiny green foliage which turns yellow in the fall. White Ash leaves are dark green above, whitish below, turning purple or yellow in the fall. Black Ash leaflets are broadest of the three, with rust colored hairs on the underside, and turn brown in the fall.

Hope this helps.

Jeff O.
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Name: Lowell
Southern, Ohio USA
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Re: White Ash vs. Black Ash

Saw an ash about 15 inches in diameter nearly bored all the way through north of Gaylord last weekend.
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Name: dewane
Central, Indiana USA
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Re: White Ash vs. Black Ash

Thats a big ash hole lowell,i just could not pass that
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ash trees, trees

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