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Old May 12, 2009, 12:28 am   #1
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Name: jeff
Central, Ohio usa
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freeze or dehydrate???

i'm debating on dehydrating some of my 'shrooms(if it's a good year!) this year when i get back home.i usually freeze mine but a friend told me that he always dehydrates his and says it's the way to go.
any advice or tips?
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Name: Mike
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: freeze or dehydrate???

Hey Jeff, glad you are having a good year, I prefer to dehydrate, they take up less room, can be stored in a pantry or a cupboard,that way they don't take up room for meat or fresh veggies,mike

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Name: Frank
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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Re: freeze or dehydrate???

Yep, Me too. I always dry mine.


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Name: larry
Northern, Indiana usa
rome city
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Re: freeze or dehydrate???

how do they fry up after they have been dried
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Name: tom
Southern, Ohio usa
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Re: freeze or dehydrate???

hi jeff. i dehydrate mine now. i like it best this way over freezing. done it that way many years and cant believe the difference when dried. just my take on the subject.p.s. hope you guys are on the road today cause it should be good timing. came back sunday and will probably be back up next week. tell ron and jim hi for me. tom
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Name: Dave
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: freeze or dehydrate???

Dehydration is far superior, in my opinion. If you re-hydrate properly, the texture is almost the same as fresh. The biggest advantages are: (1) No freezer burn if you don't use them within a year (2) Texture is closer to fresh than frozen is (3) Portion control - you can use just as many as you need, whereas if you freeze a bunch in a container, you need to thaw it all at once. I use an electric dehydrator set on the lowest temperature for best results.

Just a few...


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