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Name: Vance
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Elm or other species ratio...

I made a brief stop in an area I hadn't ever been to today (since moving basically every spot is new this year). I spent about 30 min milling about. I didn't find any morels. However, I did find some elm.

It has me thinking. Elms, of course, are only one factor that plays into morel growth. This area was mixed hardwood and conifer as well as spotty grass and moss. It was a fairly elevated area above a swamp that lead into a lake. Hard woods included various maples, oaks, and cherry primarily. A small handful of elms.

Whats you're thoughts on the number of elm, ash, or other species to finding morels? What do you look for when finding a new location?

As an after thought - I'd be willing to think this spot has potential for chants and others as well.

The best lessons are those learned before you wish you had known better, especially when thinking edible mushrooms.
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Mushroom Jack
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Re: Elm or other species ratio...

I agree with you Roosevelt. I believe the soil plays a big part on where the Morel will grow. I've hit some beautiful stands of ash, and nothing. I've noticed the size of the tree doesn't matter either. A little 6 in. ash yesterday produced 8 nice morels. We also were driving by a cemetery and spotted some nice whites under white pine. We went back and ended up with over 20, all under white pine. That's the way I like to find them. They stuck up like sore thumbs. Jack

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