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Entering the Upper Pennisula

This is "just for fun" pages.
If long trips bore you, or if you hate photo's with the road in almost every picture, then this isn't for you. Don't expect to see anything that resembles a photo being taken on purpose.  Remember,  I'm holding a very small camera with one hand while driving and literally "point and shoot". So now you know why I call these pages "Through the windshield".  


If you have some more information on some of the photo's. Please email me.





I would love to place full sized photo's on these pages, but they would just take to dog gone long to load for a lot of people.

Most of the following pages contain photo's relating to towns, cities or landmarks.  But for the most part scenes like this is what I see while driving in the Upper Penninsula. The wilderness view is a big reason why I loved driving a route in the U. P.

Cut River valley



M-28 near Munising to Christmas
US-41 Marquette to Baraga
US-41 Houghton - Hancock
M-64 Ontonogon to Silver City
White Pine to Wakefield
US-2 Ironwood
US-2 Iron Mountain and eastward
Misc. Photo's including the Humoungous Fungus location

End of the Earth movie clip
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