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Misc. Photo's


Ever wonder exactly where that humongous mushroom covering thousand of acres is located?

Well, it is in the Upper peninsula.


The humongous Fungous





Even though Alpha can boast of being the actual location,

the festival celebration of it is held in Crystal Fall, MI.  See their site.


Here's an email I recieved on 12/09/2004

My sister emailed me a link to your "Thru My Windshield" page and we immediately recognized the "Of Days Gone By" photo. 

This photo was actually taken in Watson, MI. (between Cornell and Arnold).  A large majority of our family still live and work there. 

It wasn't that long ago that the IGA still was in business.  I am not 30 yet and remember going to this store as a small child. 

(The IGA was actually owned by our grandma's sister and her husband.) 


Of Days gone by...

Our dad says that when he was growing up, the IGA was the location of the only telephone.  (Keep in mind he is a youngin', only in his 40's.)  The only reason they did have a telephone was so the store would know when the train was coming through.

I love our old home of Watson, MI.  A lot of good memories have been made in this little "town".  Do you know that Watson does not even have it's own zip code? They all still use the Cornell mailing address.  We were so excited to see this photo on your website.

Thank you!!

Jamie - Statesville, NC
Julie (my sister) - Marshfield, WI



I spotted these wild boars while driving on US-2, between Iron Mountain and Quinnesec, MI


A successful Wild Boar hunt





There is a hunting reserve called Hog Wild in Northland, MI. between Ralph and Arnold.
Possibly these came from there.




The General Store in Copper Harbor




The utmost northern town in Michigan.

An out spoken store located in Florence WI.


M-28 near Munising to Christmas
US-41 Marquette to Baraga
US-41 Houghton - Hancock
M-64 Ontonogon to Silver City
White Pine to Wakefield
US-2 Ironwood
US-2 Iron Mountain and eastward
Misc. Photo's including the Humoungous Fungus location

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